Folding Doors

We are specialists in Visofold 4000

The folding door system with thermal break allows you to create large passages.

The system is built up using a frame in which moveable parts or elements are placed in such a way that it is possible to fold the elements to the left or right.

These elements or sashes are supported and hinged to a mullion.

At the bottom the mullion is supported by a roller mechanism which slides along the sill profile while at the top, the mullion is guided by another roller mechanism.

Visofold Combinations

There are several possible combinations of elements and opening sashes.


  • This series of folding doors is mostly used in hotels and restaurants, stores and in private houses, in order to open a complete wall to create a larger space in the summer.
  • The system is also interesting for conservatories to use as a screen you can open completely in summer times.


  • Extruded out of aluminium-alloy AlMgSi 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725.
  • Tolerance according to DIN17618.


  • Electrostatic powder coating: according to the guidelines of APA-Qualicoat in most of the current RAL-colours.
  • Possible to colour in wood structure to imitate different woods (Powder coated according to Qualicoat). All coatings will be delivered with a certificate of guarantee for 15 years.
  • Anodisation: in satin or bronze colours with E.E.W.A./EURAS-Qualanod quality label.
  • Thermal break: The profiles consist of 2 aluminium extrusions which are separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre. A gluing thread, rolled and pushed in together with the thermal break profile, ensures a strong adhesion after melting and flowing, when the profiles are heated in the hardening furnace.


  • Built-in depth: outer frame 78 mm, sash 70 mm.
  • Sealings: with extruded EPDM rubbers and PP-brushes
  • Glazing: from 4 to 37 mm.
  • k-value: 3.11 W/mēK
  • Hardware: EUROGROOVE
  • A large amount of combinations is possible with or without a walk-through door.
  • Choice between a high or low sill profile. The low one allows you to level out the frame with the floor.
  • Possible to make a side or upper lighting window in the same series with the same look.
  • In the folding elements you can place another sash (e.g. top-hung window).

Performance level according to STS 52.0

  • Air transmission: PA2
  • Mechanical resistance to wind: PV2
  • Watertightness: PE2

Performance level according to UEATC

  • Air transmission: A2
  • Mechanical resistance to wind: V2
  • Watertightness: E2